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Anal Intruder Cock Ring with Urethral Plug


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Get the ultimate in 'everywhere' pleasure with the Anal Intruder Cock Ring with Urethral Plug

So, which hole do you think will not experience some pleasure with this device? You'll get the sensation of an anal plug, the erection inducing feel of a cock ring and the shaft stimulation of a urethral plug. When applied to your partner, he can enjoy immense sensations with every move that he makes.

With the urethral plug, in particular, this will prevent him from acquiring a full complete erection (despite that he has on a cock ring). Just how much of the urethral plug is inserted is determined by you when its applied, but you'll keep his cock from fully engorging with arousal.

Anal Intruder Cock Ring with Urethral Plug Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: Urethral Pin is 2.5 inch insertable length, 0.38 inch max insertable diameter, and .25" in width. Cock Ring has 1.98 inch internal diameter, Anal Ball is 2.02 inches in diameter and 1.5" in width, Device has 3.75 inch long bridge between cock ring and anal ball
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Includes a hex key to keep everything secure during use
  • Enjoy the anal pleasures of the steel plug. Prevent a full, complete erection with the inserted urethral plug


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