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Steel Adjustable Cum Through Sound Cage


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Gates of Hell Stainless Steel Adjustable Cum Through Sound Cage

Put your slave's pathetic cock in a steel cage and shove a rod down his piss-hole!

This sound cage is designed to give your submissive the intense captivity that he craves! Each ring is hinged for a better fit and more manipulation as you do whatever you want to that cock. This cage will hold it upright as the urethral insert slides deep inside. An allen wrench is included to clamp the sound in place once you've shoved it in as deep as you desire. The hollow core allows liquid such as cum and piss to pass through while he's trapped in this evil device. That cock belongs to you… how long will you make him wear the Gates of Hell?


Mistress is in an especially sadistic mood tonight. She ordered me to strip as soon as She came through the door, and immediately gave my balls a tight squeeze. i winced and She laughed, saying, "This is just the beginning for you tonight, slave…" Then She gave my nipple a hard pinch and walked into the bedroom. She emerges now with a device that She only pulls out when She wants to make a long night of it: The Gates of Hell. "I'm going to keep your pathetic cock--if you can call it that--trapped in this evil device all night," She tells me, and a shiver runs down my back as i stand there, naked before her. "Present your nasty little worm to Me, slave," She orders, so i approach Her until i'm close enough for her to reach out and grab it. Taking out the urethral sound, She pulls my flaccid penis and scrotum into the device. "you won't be able to touch it, now, will you?" i shake my head, defeated. "Now it's time for the fun part," She says as she holds up the urethral sound. i love it when Mistress is in a sadistic mood.

Gates of Hell Stainless Steel Adjustable Cum Through Sound Cage Specifications:

  • Measurements: Cage: 6 inches in total length, rings measure 1.25, 1.65, and 1.85 inches in diameter; Sound: 5.5 inches in total length, 4.6 insertable, 0.3 inches in diameter
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Each ring is hinged for a better fit
  • The hollow core allows liquid such as cum and piss to pass through

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