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Prostate Plug


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Prostate Plug: Premium Play for Anal Lovers!

Men, who want to directly stimulate their prostate could benefit from having this steel prostate plug. The angle of the body helps for direct massaging of the prostate. Prostate stimulation can result in not only greater sensations, but men can also experience more intense ejaculations.

The easy-to-use handle allows you, or your partner, to simply insert the plug into the anal cavity. Enjoy as the plug probes inside stimulating the numerous nerve endings inside of the anus.

Prostate Plug Specs & Benefits:


  • Easy to use handle for insertion and maneuvering of the plug
  • The angled body allows for direct stimulation of the male prostate
  • The bulbous head can stimulate the various nerve endings in the anus
  • Easy to clean and store away for future use
  • Total length 10cm
  • Insertable length 6cm
  • Max diameter 32mm

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