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Wand Attachments for more fun with your Magic Wand Massager Vibrator

These great toys are flexible and made for additional use on your Hitachi Wand Vibrator, Magic Wand Massager or the powerfull Fairy vibrators.
This sex toy turns your Magic Wand (fairy vibrator, wand massager) or other Magic Massager into a toy with more fun!
Change it into a vibrating double penetrator, to stimulate your g-spot, a clit massager or for hitting all the right erogenous zones. Special for men, we have The Masturbator Sleeve wich allows you to place your cock through the long TPR casing and use the power of a Wand Massager Vibrator (or other similar wand massager) to turn the masturbation sleeve into a vibrating toy.


Ri-6418 - Palm Power - Heads Sensual 2 pc.
€ 21,95
Heads Sensual 2 pc. van Palm Power Massager Past op uw Palm Power Massager, Palm Below - ronde flexible nek voor G-Spot stimulatie, Palm Dual - dubbele actie met G-spot en cliturale stimulator. Ma... 
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Ri-6419 - Palm Power - Heads Body 2 pc.
€ 14,50
Heads Body 2 pc. van Palm Power Past op de Palm Power Massager; Palm Power BODY Massager koppen: Palm Finger - 2 puntige uiteinden om elke spier in uw lichaam te laten ontspannen en uw intieme plekje... 
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Ri-6428 - Palm Power - Heads Pleasure 2 pc.
€ 26,95
Heads Pleasure 2 pc. by Palm Power   Designed to fit Palm Power Massager, Palm Body Massager Heads: Palm Delight - Two pleasure tips for a senual massage. Palm Tease - Three soft curved tips to... 
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