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Silver Tongue Cockring

Silver Tongue Cockring - mb-5453-45
mb-5453-45 mb-5453-45 mb-5453-45 mb-5453-45

Silver Tongue Cockring 45 mm

MEO's Silver Tongue Cockring is worn around the cock and balls, just like other cockrings. So, what makes this cockring so special? That's easy! Because: the extended form presses pleasantly against your most erogenous point, and this is located between the balls and ass! You are pleasantly stimulated with each movement, with every up and down of your cock. Constant pressure on these zones ensures MORE HARDNESS and an EVEN MORE INTENSIVE ORGASM! It's best when you wear it all day long. You are intensively stimulated with each step! A great feeling every step of the way! Note: In the mean time, we have seen cheap copies made of steel, which do not work because they are much to heavy. Oddly enough, these are also called "Teardrop" :-) Only the high-gloss polished aluminum that we use for manufacturing, a skin-friendly special alloy, ensures perfect fit and a high degree of wearing comfort.

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